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Clinical Trials

Respecting the patients’ privacy, here is a list of clinical trials documenting cases of recovery and loss of weight through fasting therapy; every clinical trial is taken from our file and is rigorously documented.

This is a recent selection of clinical cases which exhaustively describe the potential of fasting therapy, both from the health and the “remise en forme” point of view.

Please note that the clinical trials published below provide just a coincise selection of the numerous cases of loss of weight through fasting we have dealt with over the years. If you wish to learn more about our clinical cases in Italian, visit our Italian website.

Everyone can fast because fasting therapy is not exclusively dedicated to people who are very fat...

Fasting therapy always gives great results, even if it is important to maintain them over time. However, the full success of fasting therapy depends on specific people and on their ability to acquire a range of anti-dietetics indications and suggestions. In fact, the Broussais Method, together with the exclusive Metabolic Diet, does not imply any “maintenance diet” nor any “dietetics restriction”. Our method simply suggests the “tricks” to live without diets and dieticians forever.

Our clinical trials...

1) A forty-one-year-old woman born on February 8 like Dr. Simeone, but a bit younger.

She had been taking 100 mcg of thyroid hormones before starting treating her thyroiditis at our medical center in October 2005; in addition, her initial weight was equal to 98.500 kilograms.

As she wanted to regain her good form eliminating the overweight due to the consumption of the thyroid hormone, she started fasting on June 19, 2006 when she weighed 96.500 kilograms.

On June 30, 2006, that was her last day of fasting, she weighed 88.500 kilograms; therefore, she lost 8 kilograms in 11 days.

On March 8, 2007, Woman’s Day, the woman had returned to be the girl she was before after a one-month treatment based upon periodical cycles of fasting and following the metabolic diet; she weighed 61.900 kilograms and she had managed to eliminate the thyroid hormone and to rehabilitate her thyroid functioning.

She also eliminated other drugs such as statines for cholesterol.

In June 2007, she weighed 59.700 kilograms and there was no need of an additional fasting cycle.

She lost 40 kilograms in less than one year. In addition, she was perfectly healthy and she managed to eliminate every medicine...

2) A woman born in 1963 first came to our Medical Center on March 23, 2004. She weighed 133.300 kilograms.

She had repeatedly tried to lose weight without any results, even taking anorectic drugs.

She first fasted for 12 days managing to lose 9 kilograms.

Then, she started following the metabolic diet alternating it with short periods of fasting and she managed to reach a weight of 100 kilograms in May 2006.

On January 20, 2007, she was continuing her path towards health; she weighed 93.100 kilograms, that is to say, 40.200 kilograms less than her initial weight.

3) A girl born in 1982 weighed 80.600 kilograms on April 21, 2006 when she decided to start fasting even if she would have her birthday just a few days later; she had obviously decided to give herself a wonderful “remise en forme” as a present and, in fact, on April 29 she already weighed 73.900 kilograms.

Over one year, without being on a diet and just following the suggestions included in our metabolic diet, she reached a weight of 67.600 kilograms.

Then, she decided to fast for some more days, maybe to get another present for her 25th birthday, and on April 10, 2007, she weighed 64.900 kilograms.

4) A boy born in 1970 started fasting on July 28, 2003 when she weighed 115.500 kilograms; on August 4, he weighed 108.700 kilograms. Then, he started the metabolic diet and he reached a weight of 99 kilograms, 25 kilograms less than his initial weight. Not bad if you take into consideration that he was not on a diet...

5) A sixty-four-year-old lady started fasting in March 2002; she had  a widespread problem, that is to say, she suffered from “Metabolic Syndrome” which consists in the coexistence of 3/4 or 5 diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, triglycerides and overweight. In this specific case, the woman suffered from diabetes and hypertension and she was overweight as well.

She had been taking insulin for a few months (according to her latest blood tests, glycaemic levels were equal to 368 mg/dl before meals whilst postprandial levels were equal to 550 mg/dl, therefore, her glycaemic levels corresponded to a diabetic coma condition).

She weighed 80 kilograms.

In addition, she used to take anti-hypertensive drugs and 150 mg of thyroid hormone after the complete extirpation of her thyroid.

We told her that during the fasting days she had to eliminate every drug with the exception of the thyroid hormone which would be gradually reduced during the post-fasting days as it was a pre-existing cause of her hypertensive condition.

The woman fasted for 13 days and since the first day, her glycaemic values and blood pressure reverted to normal in spite of the elimination of drugs and she reached the weight of 72 kilograms.

After fasting, the woman started reintegrating food in her diet and, a week later, she started the metabolic diet, that is to say, a normal diet based upon her specific metabolic and psycho-emotional characteristics.

During the following months, she reached a weight of 70 kilograms, her blood pressure and glycaemic levels were stable without the need of taking drugs, and we had managed to reduce the thyroid hormone from 150 to 100 mg.

Here is an additional selection of clinical cases which is dedicated to people who decide to fast to obtain a stable and lasting loss of weight and to regain their good shape, especially after disastrous attempts to lose weight.

1) A forty-one-year-old man started fasting on January 10, 2006 when he weighed 107.300 kilograms. On January 20, he weighed 98.200 kilograms, then, he started the metabolic diet for one month and a half and he reached the weight of 93 kilograms on March 8, 2006.

After Easter Holidays and some days spent in Mauritius without being on a diet and just adopting the “tricks” of the Metabolic Diet, he came back on May 3. He weighed 94.800 kilograms and he decided to fast for 10 more days in order to say goodbye to overweight forever.

On May 10, after a short period of fasting, he weighed approximately 88 kilograms as he had lost 7 more kilograms in one week and total 20 kilograms since the end of January, without being on a diet.

2) A forty-five-year-old woman started fasting on September 7, 2005 when she weighed 101.500 kilograms. She had been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis many years before, therefore, she was taking the thyroid hormone: at that time, she took 125 mcg of thyroid hormone, but she had also reached peaks of 200 mcg.

At the time, her condition was mainly due to a diet based upon the use of amphetamines which dated back to 1992.

After coming to our medical center, she lost 7 kilograms between September 7 and September 16, reaching a weight of 94.600 kilograms.

After a month of maintenance, she decided to fast again in November, therefore, she reached a weight of 87.200 kilograms on November 18, 2005.

3) A fifty-four-year-old woman with a very slow metabolism who was full of aches and pains and used to take many drugs started fasting on October 19, 2005 when she weighed 76.700 kilograms.

After 10  days, she weighed 70.200 kilograms.

Then, she asked us to attend her for a period which was longer than usual and when she came in April for the last time, she weighed 65.800 kilograms. She had lost 11 kilograms on the whole.

4) A twenty-five-year-old girl started fasting on March 23, 2009 losing more than 6 kilograms in 9 days. At the beginning, she weighed 78.700 kilograms, whilst on April 1 she weighed 72.500 kilograms.

During the following months, before Summer, on June, 4, she managed to reach a weight of 69.400 kilograms.

5) A thirty-two-year-old girl first came in 2004 when she weighed 60 kilograms.

Due to her psychical problems, she had to take two powerful drugs such as lithium which had caused a rapid increase in her weight.

In addition, she smoked more than 50 cigarettes a day...

She started a detoxifying fasting period. At the beginning she weighed 60 kilograms (June 7, 2004), but she managed to reach a weight of 53.600 kilograms on June 19.


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