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A physician will never dispute any new method of treatment without first trying it ( Hippocrates )

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The Broussais Medical Centre of Rome is one of the most important centres for  Biological and Integrated Medicine in Europe and in the world...

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  The staff of the Broussais Medical Center of Rome

Biological and Integrated Medicine

The term “Biological Medicine” was coined in the Nineties in order to replace words which had become inadequate to describe a specific kind of medicine which was usually referred to as "alternative", "natural" or "unconventional".

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Who is Dr. Simeone?

Scientific curriculum vitae of Dr. Salvatore Simeone


about us

Director: doctor Salvatore Simeone,
born in Pignataro Maggiore (CE), 8th February 1957,
High Graduated in Medicine and Surgery at La Sapienza, University of Rome, in 05th April 1986.

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