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A physician will never dispute any new method of treatment without first trying it ( Hippocrates )

Thyroid and Biological Medicine

The documents regarding the thyroid which have been published on this site mainly aim at explaining how to cure – often without difficulty – thyroid pathologies, without taking the thyroid hormone for life...

Due to the relevance of the thyroid, we have decided to dedicate a whole section to this gland and reading this first document carefully is crucial...

Our Medical Examination

Many people ask us to describe the medical examinations of our Medical Centre as well as the therapies regarding thyroid pathologies...

It is an important question to which we answer with pleasure. We also take an opportunity to give a more detailed explanation regarding the treatment of thyroid pathologies...

Clinical Trials

The publication of the clinical cases mainly aims at informing as many people as possible of the validity of biological treatment for the cure of thyroid illnesses.

Please note that the clinical trials published below provide just a coincise selection of the numerous cases we have dealt with over the years. If you wish to learn more about our clinical cases in Italian, visit our Italian website.


In order to understand what hypothyroidism is, it is necessary to know how the thyroid works.


Thyroiditis is diagnosed whenever blood tests determine high levels of one or more anti-thyroid antibodies: it is called auto-immune thyroiditis or Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

Sometimes, it can be diagnosed through the specific results of ultrasound scanning; afterwards blood tests are prescribed to receive confirmation...

Thyroid Nodules

The diagnosis of thyroid nodules is extremely frequent in conventional medicine and it is carried out through ultrasound scanning, followed by further analysis so as to avert tumors (analyses generally include blood test, needle biopsy, scintigraphy).

Once a nodule shows “benign”, a lifelong therapy based upon the prescription of thyroid hormones starts (the thyroid has to “rest”, the volume of the nodule could “increase” or “more nodules” could originate)...


In opposition to hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism determines the lowering of TSH levels and the probable increase in thyroid hormones, FT3 and FT4.

Symptoms are defined according to different levels...


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