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A physician will never dispute any new method of treatment without first trying it ( Hippocrates )


We have planned a group-fasting experience for the month of June. It will take place at the Castle of Monte Antico which is part of a wonderful village of Maremma in Tuscany, at the foot of Mount Amiata, not far from Montalcino...

Fasting Therapy

Fasting means feeding oneself with his/her own nutritional supplies for a few days, just drinking at least 3 litres of water which is low in mineral content.

The above mentioned supplies are erroneously called “fat”, but this is incorrect: in fact, the nutritional stores of an individual include fat as well as mineral salts, vitamins, proteins, sugars...

Clinical Trials

Respecting the patients’ privacy, here is a list of clinical trials documenting cases of recovery and loss of weight through fasting therapy; every clinical trial is taken from our file and is rigorously documented.

This is a recent selection of clinical cases which exhaustively describe the potential of fasting therapy, both from the health and the “remise en forme” point of view.

Please note that the clinical trials published below provide just a coincise selection of the numerous cases of loss of weight through fasting we have dealt with over the years. If you wish to learn more about our clinical cases in Italian, visit our Italian website.

Everyone can fast because fasting therapy is not exclusively dedicated to people who are very fat...

How to Fast

Since 1986 Dr. Simeone and his collaborators have attended thousands of fasting patients and many other patients on the vegetable diet, which represents an alternative to fast.

The vast majority of the above mentioned patients have undergone the therapy from their houses with the support of auxiliary therapies for fasting which are continuously improved and optimized at the Broussais Medical Centre...

Scientific Research

The scientific research results published in this article are based upon PUB MED, the worldwide medical database.

We have chosen some of the latest scientific studies, the majority of which has been carried out since 2000...


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High Graduated in Medicine and Surgery at La Sapienza, University of Rome, in 05th April 1986.

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