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Biological and Integrated Medicine

The term “Biological Medicine” was coined in the Nineties in order to replace words which had become inadequate to describe a specific kind of medicine which was usually referred to as "alternative", "natural" or "unconventional".

Let’s learn something more about it...


Biological Medicine includes a set of diagnostic and therapeutic methods based upon the leading principle of the preservation of “man intended as a bio-system”. Its main goal is to treat patients supporting and restoring their own ability to heal themselves, while respecting their balance and integrity.

According to Biological Medicine, disorders and diseases represent necessary reactions which are useful to rebalance the state of health.

Each pathological symptom is regarded as a wake-up call which is necessary in order to understand the causes of a disease. Symptoms are associated not only with the physical components of a person, but also with psychological and environmental elements.

In doing this, Biological Medicine combines every available discipline with conventional diagnostic resources: in this context, the distinction between alternative medicine and conventional medicine does not make sense because the real difference lies in the relationship with patients who are no longer regarded as clinical cases, but as people whose symptoms need to be understood, interpreted and treated at their root rather than deleted.


From the systemical vision to the analytical one...

By adopting the analytical and mechanistic perspective of the past, from Newton onwards, scientists have believed that every physical phenomenon can be reduced to the properties of hard and solid material particles.

However, quantum physics shows that you cannot break the world into isolated elementary units and that the natural world appears as a complicated web of relationships between different parts of a unified whole.

In contrast with the analytical point of view, not only does the systemic thought of modern physics focus on elementary building blocks that make up a system, but it also places the system into an integrated whole that cannot be understood through analysis only.

The above affects the medical field as well. In order to relate with men more properly, medicine has to consider physical components, as well as energetic and psycho-emotional elements: if it finds a limit in the areas of material life, it becomes a reductive kind of medicine and if it exclusively focuses on linear material processes with a single cause, it risks turning into a simplistic kind of medicine.

However, medicine has to involve the knowledge of nature and its phenomena: whoever relates to material components only and measures them with formal (statistic) methods is far away from the science of nature.

Medicine is a biological science that applies to man, but it can become a real art only if it includes humanistic elements.

The so-called conventional medicine abandoned the necessary holistic approach a long time ago, thus focusing on isolated pathological symptoms which are nothing but alarm signals in the harmonious organization of the “human bio-system”.

Consequently, conventional therapy has become a symptomatic therapy, mainly centred on removing individual symptoms: the more basic and linear the relationship between drug and effect is, the easier it can be measured; the easier the measurement is, the more scientific the treatment is reckoned.

We underline the notion according to which pathological symptoms are mainly alarm signals, terminal rings of a long pathogenetic chain the initial rings of which reside in deeper dimensions and are often far away from the terminal ring which is defined “symptom”.

Biological Medicine is a medical science that focuses on vital functions in the diagnostic and therapeutic phases and it implements its interventions healing in harmony with the natural ability of regeneration, adaptation and self healing of the patient

Its main principle is represented by the integrity of the person.

By adopting enzymology, molecular biology, atomic physics and even quantum mechanics, Biological Medicine tries to identify the laws of life in order not to break, but to abide them.


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Director: doctor Salvatore Simeone,
born in Pignataro Maggiore (CE), 8th February 1957,
High Graduated in Medicine and Surgery at La Sapienza, University of Rome, in 05th April 1986.

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