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Our Medical Center

The Broussais Medical Centre of Rome is one of the most important centres for  Biological and Integrated Medicine in Europe and in the world...

It was named after François Broussais, a prominent  naturalist physician who lived in the nineteenth century. Shown in the picture, the Broussais Medical Centre is located on the first floor (600 sm) of a magnificent palace along “Lungotevere Flaminio”. The Medical Centre deals with cutting-edge medicine and it is dedicated to all the people who are eager to rely on a new medical model for their health.

The Broussais Medical Centre offers the best solutions in Biological Medicine, both in functional diagnostics and in the therapeutic field.

The section titled "Biological and Integrated Medicine" provides a detailed description of the kind of medicine practised in the Medical Centre.

Definitions such as “Biological Medicine” and “Integrated Medicine” have been recently coined to describe a specific kind of medicine, therefore, they should not be confused with general terms such as "alternative medicine", "unconventional medicine" or "natural medicine".

It is clear that Biological and Integrated Medicine is based upon natural (and therefore biological) solutions, especially as regards the therapeutic approach, but many of its aspects are deeply different from classical canons of alternative medicine.

Our site offers an overview which is different from the perspective commonly held by natural medicine and it is more innovative and modern in relation with both the initial diagnostic phase and the therapeutic solutions adopted.


Contacts: Phone numbers: 063201127 - 063240278 - Fax: 063236402 - E-mail: info@broussais.org




about us

Director: doctor Salvatore Simeone,
born in Pignataro Maggiore (CE), 8th February 1957,
High Graduated in Medicine and Surgery at La Sapienza, University of Rome, in 05th April 1986.

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