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Fasting Therapy

Fasting means feeding oneself with his/her own nutritional supplies for a few days, just drinking at least 3 litres of water which is low in mineral content.

The above mentioned supplies are erroneously called “fat”, but this is incorrect: in fact, the nutritional stores of an individual include fat as well as mineral salts, vitamins, proteins, sugars...

For instance, everyone owns group B vitamins supplies which are able to last for several months.

Therefore, it is clear that people who decide to undergo fasting do not really fast because they simply feed themselves with food which has been previously stored without being eliminated in proper time.

In other words, during the fasting period, people feed themselves with endogenous substances which are within our body, instead of using exogenous food coming from the outside.

In addition, a careful examination of fasting physiology shows that human body “is naturally able” to adapt to this condition, thus, fasting represents a powerful ally for the recovery of the body.

However, there are many commonplaces which refer to fasting. According to one of them which regards proteins and ketone bodies, the body feeds itself with backup proteins during fasting.

Instead,  the documents titled “Scientific Studies” and “Physiology of Fasting” show that fasting escapes any established rule.

For this reason, in case you meet someone who finds fault with fasting, just ask him/her which scientific study he/she refers to.

Instead, in case the person you are talking to is a doctor or a nutritionist, try to inquire into his/her curriculum as a fasting therapist in order to understand how many people he/she has attended while fasting during his/her professional career.

As already mentioned, you may meet even popular nutritionists who will tell you that, for instance, fasting could damage the so-called “fat free mass”, that is to say our protein store.

They will tell you that the brain needs sugars and that the body can produce them only using proteins as they ignore the scientific studies which prove that the brain owns an enzymatic complex which is able to obtain sugars out of fat wastes, that is to say, from ketone bodies, thus saving proteins (without taking into consideration the fact that the 8 essential amino acids can be easily integrated).

People who do not know anything about fasting will tell you that the weight which is lost is mainly represented by water, but in this case too an examination of the corporal composition carried out before and after fasting can prove that not only is water lost, but fasting is also able to produce a remarkable “cellular rehydration”.

In other words, whoever gets to know about fasting often meets people who state to be “experts” whilst they have never met anyone who has fasted!!!

Lastly, we have always said and repeated that fasting is not a diet, but “it is also the best diet” at the same time. In other words, we mean that fasting produces an ideal loss of weight as well as a concrete “remise en forme” in healthy subjects (read Fasting and Overweight) and unexpected cases of recovery in ill people (read Cases of Recovery).

In order to maintain these great results, it is necessary to adopt an appropriate lifestyle: for this purpose, our Medical Centre proposes the “Metabolic Diet” according to the Broussais Method, that is to say, an exclusive nutritional model which is not stressful for people who have to lose weight.


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